Thursday, March 10, 2005


snooch loofs her boots.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

yup,..and theres shoe buddys arm.

tanya jumped into a locker to hide from the pretty man with a vagina,..and it was the funniest thing i have ever seen.ever.

my backpack!!!,..umm,..i dunno why i have a pic of my backpack,..but whatever,at least its hot.

more of the molestation of napoleon,..i cant help it...

ya,i totally molested my poster,..

ooh,thats right!i bet you wish you were napoleon,dont you? DONT YOU?

ooh,you can see my bra,..
well.i think this looks cool.and w/o any photoshop.

woah,my eyes look so cool here

Thursday, February 03, 2005

this moment brought to you by SOUR PATCH KIDS!

a picture of katie taking a picture


god.freakin idiots.[zach and clayton]

Monday, January 31, 2005

photoshop!the origional really was blue though.

another of tanya from a sleepover we had at meghans

[tanya is a fly]

mmmyep.thats meghan

Sunday, January 30, 2005

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im indecisive about wether this is a good picture or not,but im wearing my sexy inforever shirt.and inforever rocks.hard.
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god,i look so fucking "scene",.does it make it worse that im wearing converse?and my wristband even has a pin on it?,..
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when plan b was playing thier drumstick broke,so i kept cool.and thats what im holding.and is it just me or do i look like an olsen twin in this picture?.anywhoo,..i have a drumstick from the last show i was at too.i think it belonged to look west.I SHALL START A COLLECTION! bwahaha.
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sexiest flyer ever.
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disco ball that was at the sons of was so freakin cool,when inforever was playing pepole were moshing under a disco ball!it was so awesome.
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salieri again.this was taken seconds after the pants cant really tell,but hes attacking the other guy with a belt.he like,attacked him.twas hularious.
Image Hosted by
salieri.i diddint get any of them playing,but when 3fs was on stage,they sat behind them and the bassist had his mouth taped up and started pulling his pants off,[you can kinda see it here.]
Image Hosted by
another good can see his sexy-ass star tatoos.
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i like this one.dont know why...
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samm,from 3 feet short.he has the most insanley awesome gutair playing skillz ever!hells yes.
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another of plan b.i think this looks cool.aside for this guys arm being comlpetley in the way,..
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plan b[this guy has the hugest bulge!im not a pervert or anything(ish),i was just eye level with his crotch the whole time he was on stage.not intentionally,of corse,so dont get the wrong idea.]
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another ultra blurry picture of 3fs

Saturday, January 29, 2005

3 feet short

i think this is plan b but i cant tell.this looks so cool though

now,tremble in jealousy foR i have GIR and you DONT!!!!!!!!!!!

my hat could totally kick your hats ass.

aaw,lookit him !hes soo kyooot!!!!hahahahno.koko is actaually satan.and seconds before this picture was taken satan was eating snow.not only is he evil,but also retarded.

mwahaha,i fucking hate snow.poor koko.he diddint seem to mind though.

Friday, January 28, 2005

so freakin hot,..

jesse is uasaully a verry sexy man,..but he had to go and fuck up the picture,..*shakes head*

katies scary country thing,..and lindsey and tanyas fantabolous back up dancing.

woah,..its fucking scary this big.anyone else remember this pic?

eew,its jhon,..i hate jhon,..who the fuck took this picture anyway?
[tanya looks scary]


yay,an alive squirrel!damn,thoes squirrels in boston are fucking AWESOME!

and dont you think im pretty when im standing top the bright lit city and ill take your hand and pick you up,and keep you there so you can see as long as your alive and care,i promise i will take you there,...<3

wow,now isint this just the sexiest thing youve ever seen?[*laughs uncontrolably*]

aaw,another one!

sexi sexi bunny at the pet store!

these squirrles were frozen in this bucket im my friend maureens backyard,.i almost fucking pissed myself laughing when i saw this.

my boobs look fucking HUGE! good lord,..